Tell a Compelling Story: The Power of a Customer Case Study

In a world that has a lot of marketing and PR noise, it’s becoming harder and harder to break through this noise and have your brand heard. One way that companies are doing this is through their customer’s voice by launching a strategic case study program. This is not a new concept, but there are many more channels in which you can now leverage a valuable customer case study such as social media, blogs, media outlets, marketing efforts, web site, etc. A case study, done right, is a win-win for both your company and your client’s and can offer the following benefits:

•    Demonstrate the benefits and value your solution brings to customers
•    Strengthens your brand image through the best advocate possible, a customer
•    Provides a powerful third party endorsement, which speaks volumes of you and your    team’s ability to deliver results and a strong ROI
•    Your customer obtains positive media coverage about how they are improving their business and processes, which ultimately benefits their customers

Even though this is about what your solution has done for your client, a case study should be written not as a pure marketing piece, but more of an educational piece that tells a compelling story and includes the following elements:

•    Overview
•    Challenge
•    Solution
•    Results

To ensure success of your program, you need to make this process is as seamless as possible for both your clients and the internal staff that may be helping with this case study. To ensure this happens, we help our clients manage the case study process from A-Z with the internal and client stakeholders from conducting the interviews, to writing the case study, to obtaining the appropriate approvals, and then to ensuring it is publicized through the right channels.

One very successful PR strategy we have used is to pitch these case studies to the media, which can amplify your brand voice even further. And it’s a win-win for the media outlet and your company. They receive strong, fresh content and you obtain some very strong and powerful media coverage.

For example, we created a case study for our client, The Smart Cube. We created a case study with their customer Elizabeth Arden, around how they were using The Smart Cube’s data analytics to improve and streamline their procurement processes. We were successful in placing this case study in three top tier trade media outlets, weaved this case study into marketing efforts, posted it on the web site and amplified the case study through the company’s social media channels. Click below to see the coverage as an example and start your strategic case study program today!

Received 3 media articles around this case study with a potential audience reach of 220,000:
•    Procurement Leaders (reach of 150,000+)
•    Inbound Logistics (reach of 60,000+)
•   Manufacturing and Logistics IT (reach of 10,000+)