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Care Team ConnectOverview: Care Team Connect, an integrated care management platform, had partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBS) to help them support 140,000 patients across 40 Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). This partnership would close gaps in care, reduce re-admissions and decrease cost while improving quality of care.

Challenge: Since Care Team Connect was a start-up they had little to no brand awareness in the healthcare industry among patients, payers or providers. The new BCBS partnership was going to put them on the map, but they needed a strategic public relations plan to help with this.

Solution: MIOD developed a public relations strategy with the goal of raising awareness of Care Team Connect and their recent partnership with BCBS and the value this effort would bring to patients, PCMH’s and the entire healthcare industry.

Results: The PR campaign was launched with incredible results, which included high-impact coverage in target media outlets and Care Team Connect obtained the brand awareness desired. In fact, after the launch, the Advisory Board bought Care Team Connect for $35M and the BCBS partnership was a driving factor for this deal.