A Case Study:

The Smart Cube

Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden Strengthens Brand Awareness around Their Supply Chain Technology & Processes

Overview: The Smart Cube, a market research and analytics firm, works with Elizabeth Arden’s SVP of Global Planning, Procurement and Manufacturing, to help improve Elizabeth Arden’s procurement and manufacturing processes through data analytics. MIOD suggested a case study around the impressive results.

The Smart CubeChallenge: At the time, The Smart Cube was not accustomed to leveraging their customers in a case study and/or media efforts, so MIOD developed a strategic case study program, which included a proven process for internal and external stakeholders and educated The Smart Cube’s team on the value of customer case studies.

Solution: MIOD successfully implemented the process and engaged Elizabeth Arden’s senior management for the case study, which resulted in an approved case study. MIOD managed the process, the writing/editing and final approvals. MIOD also spear-headed the media relations strategy around the case study.

Results: The case study was successfully placed in three top tier media outlets, which reached 200,000+ target audiences. It was also leveraged on the Web site, in marketing materials, the sales channel and in social media channels.

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